Hot August Products

Here’s some ideas to get you through the dog days of summer……

Wooden Magnet

Made of real birch, 4cp logo printed directly on the wood, Stands out from all the cheapy vinyl ones. 200 – $1.50 each.

I am not a paper cup – but porcelain with silicone lid. Love this item. 144 – $6.99 each

The highest quality microfiber cleaning cloth – I’ll definitely be getting some of these with the Merch Media logo – want one? – email me at [email protected]  Want some with your logo?  1000 – $.98 each – Think tradeshow giveaways.

If you know anyone between the ages of 5-12 you probably have seen “silly bands” all over.  Great for kid or non-kid promotions because if you are not wearing them as a bracelet you can use them as a rubberband.  Stock or custom shapes available.

Are you overlooking some great real estate? Look down!  There are so many great applications of concrete graphics –  Entrances to restaurants/bars, outdoor events, team pride around the neighborhood, corporate gatherings.